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The Elfire company today has simplified everything in fire protection management, a process many times confusing and bureaucratic for companies all over Brazil.

We work with all types of projects, from basic to the most advanced, aiming for the best cost benefit and maintaining the level of fire protection.

All our projects are developed based on the technical standards in force, both national and international, aiming at both protection and savings for the client, in a detailed risk analysis tailored to each situation.

Elfire is an international company, specialized in fire engineering, located in the United States and Brazil, with experience in defence and critical solutions for companies and special risks in more than 300 projects, including 2 large Hydroelectric Power Plants in Brazil: Tucuruí Hydroelectric and Belo Monte Hydroelectric and 10 years working in serving large companies in the mining area, such as the company Vale S/A (Off Road Vehicles - Off Roads and Electrical Substations).

The company also has over 100 designers throughout Brazil, led by the CEO Marcio Ferreira Master in Fire Engineering and responsible for an important development in the area of fire bringing internationally validated solutions to Brazil.