Hi everybody, welcome to our website! In this article we will talk about one of the engineering disciplines with the highest demand in the international market: FIRE SAFETY ENGINEERING. I hope you enjoy the material provided. Enjoy your reading!


Fire safety engineering is a science, i.e. a research area that is defined by the adoption of scientific methods and mathematical formulas related to the science of fire, in partnership with human behaviour. With this, professionals in the field are trained to design safer installations and coordinate emergency situations that include fire prevention systems (active and passive).


  1. Primary objective: to provide protection human life . The most important and valuable asset there is. 
  2. Secondary objective: to ensure the preservation of public and private property. A structural damage in a company, triggered by fire, is capable of damaging its entire production chain, immobilising its activities, besides having negative repercussions on the market (which is already very competitive and does not forgive slips) and the media.

The following question directed to the dear reader, will be an invitation to a deeper reflection on the subject: does the company where you work, or maybe you are the owner, have any fire protection system? If not, remember that it may be more expensive for you in the future!


In the international sphere, the United States of America (USA) leads the ranking of the country that offers the most renowned specialisation courses in fire safety (SCI) at master's and doctoral level (check out the link: https: // www .nfpajla.org / en / servicos / perguntas-frequentes / 519-estudios-en-ingenieria-en-proteccion-contra-incendios ), then the countries of Europe and Japan. 

In Brazil, despite the growing number of people and the construction of new buildings, unfortunately, only post-graduate courses at specialisation level can be found. But it is already a very important step for our country.


The 1st good news is that: Brazil is in a growth phase, where several investors are eyeing the nation. This means: new companies, new buildings, new opportunities for those working in fire engineering (IBGE, 2019).

The 2nd good news: the public inspection bodies, especially the Military Fire Brigade of all Brazilian states, is increasingly intensifying the requirements related to fire safety measures (SCI). Where the undertakings must comply with the legislation and norms in force.

And the 3rd and last news: because it is a research area in which many people are involved (worldwide), from the production of materials to the execution / implementation of projects, we can say that there is a very promising and growing market in our country. 

So you must be asking yourself: who could succeed in this promising and growing market?

These include:

  1. Companies: aimed at the production of fire protection equipment and systems, installation and/or maintenance companies, or even those specialising in the sale of insurance. Technology allied to engineering, has increasingly advances in information technology, electronics and automation, contributing greatly to the development and improvement of systems against fire, such as
  1. increasingly advanced software;
  2. simulators capable of representing real ones; 
  3. fire-fighting systems that are increasingly effective and easy to handle;
  4. wireless technology etc.
  1. Engineers: acting in the preparation of fire projects, monitoring / development of systems and software etc. 
  2. Technicians: acting in the execution of fire projects, in the training of fire brigades, in the monitoring of protection systems, etc.

One can observe the importance of the professionals and companies involved in the very promising area: fire engineering. Which, when possessing as conditions of analysis minutely determined determined emergency, consequently, is enabled to provide to its customers projects and products (respectively, more safe and efficient), seeking to reach new solutions.

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